Benefits Of Using Cloud Solutions For Small Businesses

Are you thinking of starting up an online business and worried you might lose essential software or files? Worry no more; cloud computing solutions has got you covered. Approximately 84% of small businesses in the US prefer and use cloud services. Business owners admit that cloud solutions are a crucial tool for the growth of their businesses. Cloud solutions can either be outsourced or privately owned. From a survey done by Flexera, 11.43% of small business owners chose to use an outsourced cloud service that is publicly hosted. On the other hand, 35% had a preference for private cloud services hosting

There’s a 70% growth projection by businesses opting for cloud solutions. Cloud solutions or cloud computing involves several services. They include cloud storage, backup, cloud hosting, and Software as Services (SaaS). Well, here are seven benefits of using cloud solutions for small businesses:

1. Easy To Work Remotely And Collaborate With Your Team

If you want your small business productivity to scale up by about 40%, then you should try cloud solutions. Accessing, editing, and sharing documents remotely are possible through utilizing different cloud solutions. Besides, having a central place for handling business saves time, especially when dealing with remote workers.

2. Regular Updates And Enhanced Security

Maintaining in-house servers as a small business is exhausting. Your responsibilities to keep up with tasks, monitor data networks, and secure all business information could get you fatigued. 

Choosing cloud computing solutions enhances your security. You’ll not have to worry about the maintenance and management of your data security. In addition, most cloud solutions will keep your software automatically updated and secure.

3. Easily Reached Software Solutions

Cloud solutions offer an affordable and accessible software solution. Formerly, start-up businesses required servers and computers to run the software. A considerable amount of money was needed for such investments, not forgetting the personnel to manage it. Therefore, this type of digital growth was possible only in big businesses. By implementing cloud solutions, small businesses can gain access to efficient software, infrastructure, and programs globally. With many third party solutions available, simply select your preference service and get going. While some solutions have devoted apps, some maintain access through web browsers only.

4. Computerization And Improved Productivity

Cloud computing solutions help small businesses improve functions. For instance, by computerizing your operations, quality improves while minimizing errors. Regular check-ups and tasks through cloud solutions eradicate data redundancy. Cloud solutions offer a centralized system with limited personnel therefore preventing unwarranted expenditure. Cloud software is available to everyone with access to the internet, something 90% of modern businesses rely on.

5. Business Growth And Flexibility Business strategy

Are you dealing with variable demands as a small company owner? Cloud computing is here to help you regulate your needs. To satisfy market needs in most cases, your staff should deal with the workflow. When using the cloud, you can easily upgrade and take up new users while growing your staff as needed. Besides, cloud solutions increase bandwidth and processing power. Therefore, small businesses are likely to scale up with all resources at hand. Scaling up to meet demand might be costly, but after the demand is sustained, your business will reap up the benefits.  

6. Reinforcement And Disaster Recovery

It is easy to lose data through power outages. Most big businesses set up servers to back up data and had various back up means to protect against data loss. The process is time-consuming and quite expensive to small businesses. So, it’s mainly an option for established companies only. As you contemplate options, you should consider cloud computing. With backups, disaster recovery systems, and protection against malware, cloud computing offers a robust solution. There’s a high chance of surviving the cyber attack with cloud computing through scheduled backups of the system.

7. Analyzing And Keeping Big Data

When starting a business, you’ll likely deal with a growing demand for data from different sources. Resolving to use cloud services will help identify tendencies in your business vital for business growth. Most cloud services offer quick data processing and analysis capabilities. Try out your cloud computing solution of your choice and save time to grow your business.


Businesses can now save on Information Technology expenses thanks to cloud services. The benefits offered by cloud solutions are essential to small businesses. As a small business owner, you might find it tough handling surprise expenses from server maintenance. So, it is wise to switch to cloud services with an annual or monthly payment which is considerably cheaper. In addition, trying out cloud services gives you a competitive advantage over your competition as a small business.