Ways to improve your internet connection

Having a problem with a slow internet connection, is so freaking annoying isn’t it? When you are watching, such as good movies, animes, cartoons, documentaries, tutorials, vlogs, music videos on YOUTUBE or NETFLIX, and other movie sites.

And just suddenly stops and buffers in a few minutes or sometimes hours. Especially when you upload and download movies, songs, and videos. And it also interferes with online work from home and online class for having a very slow and stagnant internet connection. Luckily there are many tips or tricks to have a fast internet connection so you don’t have to be disappointed and lose patience with the slow internet.

Simple tricks to speed up your internet connection.

1. Reset the router

Resetting the router is a big help to speed up the internet connection and to pick up more transmission connections and how far it covers the internet signal strength. It should also be in a good place where it has a strong gain on the power of the internet. And it is better to keep it away from electromagnetic waves because it is one of the reasons why wifi connections are also lost sometimes and it weakens the signal. It is better to place the router on high ground in half area of the house.

2. Using Ethernet Cable

Almost everyone now uses Wi-Fi. It’s easier and a big help for users because we can connect anywhere that has wifi if they gave us their password or have open wifi in the area. But wifi doesn’t always have the same and convenient internet connection, especially if many devices were connected. And if you really want to have a strong internet connection, use an ethernet cable and it won’t disappoint you because it was directly connected to the router/modem and gets direct signals. It is said to be more highly recommended to online players/gamers because it is faster and doesn’t lag during your game time.

  • Devices that can be connected by ethernet cable
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • other gaming consoles
  • tv
  • laptop/desktop computer

3. Wi-Fi Password

Using a wifi password can increase the speed of your internet connection. Only a handful of devices can connect to your internet. Passwords can be used to secure and keep hackers away. And make sure you create a strong and difficult password and don’t share it with everyone, just for some person whom you like to share with.

4. Block Strangers

By turning off the SSID, and being invisible to the vicinity of your network’s name. To be secured and capable of not getting the risk of being hacked.

5. Firmware Updates

It is a term of a piece of software that operates a router, which is necessary to be updated and restored on a hardware device to run it properly. It can solve the speed and connection by stalling the most recent Firmware version on your device. Firmware can manage proficiently and fix the bugs for better security.

6. Check your Laptop/Desktop

These are very specific tricks or tips for your Laptop/Desktop. Open the Task Manager and see what programs were running or updating, like auto-update programs. That sometimes slows your internet. Better if you always check and adjust the settings.

resetting your router

7. Internet Service Provider ( ISP )

ISP is a company that helps to resolve customer’s problems with their internet access. It has huge data lines that connect to the internet, that work on large-scale infrastructures and big networks. Connecting to your ISP helps you to know how to fix problems, and asked them how to solve your slow internet connection.

8. “Clear Cache” Plugin

I know you’ve been familiar with the word “Cache” on your browser. Now, this is the time to find out what it is and what’s used for it. Visiting websites and entering information on your browser often get a little bit of information from you in the form of cookies. That tends to send you ads or stuff that you possibly want to buy base on your browsing site. To get rid of all the cookies in your browser, you have to clear all the “Cache”, so you have to install a Clear Cache Plug-In on your browser. Always clear all the Cache so it doesn’t affect your internet speeds.

9. Change Your Internet Provider

If your internet provider still and doesn’t speed up your internet even if you did all the tips or tricks to speed up your internet. Probably you have to start to change your internet provider, pretty check another provider that serves quickly on your area and has a better price for faster speed of your internet. Switching providers must be, maybe your last resort.

Hope these simple tips or tricks help you to have a fast internet connection by conserving a lot of hours for figuring, on how your router works.