10 Best Places to Visit in Greece

From lovers of history to revelers of clubbing, Greek destinations’ are stunning. Greece is the most traveled destination in Europe with more than a thousand islands, serene sandy beaches, and tasty cuisines.

Greece is known for its friendly atmosphere, ancient ruins, and beautiful islands laid with gems in the seas around the Grecian Peninsula. The diversity of Greek destinations offers a wealth of options for all travelers.

Greece has well-known cities and islands. Some of the islands include the Ionian Islands in the west, and the Aegean Sea. Cities are for instance, the capital of Athens; commonly known for its iconic Parthenon and the monastery of Meteora.

If you’re looking into traveling, here’s a list of the ten best places to visit in Greece:


Commonly referred to as the romantic island, Santorini is likely the best and most recognized place to visit. Its magnificence over the years captivates many people. Besides, it’s located in the Aegean Sea with traditional whitewashed houses, and spectacular sunsets. So, this is the best place to experience thrilling sights of the ocean that makes Santorini island exceptional.

The AthensRuins of Greek

Identified as the origin of Western civilization, Athens is the home of democracy.  It’s an old city that is one of a kind. Among all the cities in Greece, Athens ranks as the best to explore. Do you want to learn more about Greek culture? Then definitely pay a visit to Athens. Among fantastic areas in the region is the Temple of Zeus and the Parthenon. Also, the Plaka district below the Acropolis is a superb place. You’ll boggle for choice with delicious foods in Athens.


Rugged mountains, rich cultural heritage, and excellent beaches are among the scenery of Corfu. Located on the northwest coast of Greece, It’s ranked in the top ten of best places to visit in Greece. If you’re looking to have time alone, Corfu has isolated beaches alongside the meandering coast line. Perithia and Corfu old town are scenic parts of towns and villages to visit. Besides, the white sandy beaches are breathtaking. You’ll find pristine places here. Are you a history fan? Remains of anti-pirate castles and Venetian builders of the past are in Corfu.


If you’re a history lover, this is one of the best places to explore. Knossos‘ location is not far from Heraklion, which is the Cretan capital. Once known for producing bronze over 5,000 years ago, the historic site was home to mighty Minoan society. While in Crete, make it a priority to visit Knossos and check out the stunning mosaics and fine pottery. Don’t forget to visit the hall of kings; it boasts of a playout by Minotaur and Labyrinth. Knossos connects with Greece’s past, hence considered as one of the best places to visit in Greece.

RhodesRhodes sight line

Close to the southwestern coast of Turkey is the Island of Rhodes. Whether rich or not, Rhodes has a spot for you. With picturesque towns, ancient history, and fine beaches, you’ll enjoy a perfect combination of everything.Rhodes Old Town, the island’s capital, was once a habitat to the mighty Colossus of Rhodes (a wonder of the world). If you want to experience amazing scenery, swimming and nightclubs, Rhodes awaits you.


Traveling through the Mediterranean, you’ll notice Zakynthos falls under the most stunning places with Turquoise waters. Zakynthos boasts of white sandy beaches and colossal chalk-white cliffs. The beauty of this place makes it stand out among other Greek islands’. The attractive Shipwreck Cove in Zakynthos is among the spots vastly photographed. Fir trees and olive groves are a charm of the island; more visited than the central part of the island. Also known as Navagio, the island has exquisite clubs.


Nafplio is the best place if you are looking for famous sight lines. Different cultures make up Nafplio. And imagine, you can experience the alluring sight of the hillside aligned with citadels and fortresses! Remember, Nafplio was once the capital of Greece visited by the Venetians, Ottomans, and Byzantines. So, the place is friendly and patriotic. You can relax and have a good time in the great restaurants and beaches. Walk through the meandering narrow streets and enjoy the architecture. The savory seafood and high-cost yachts in the harbors are other reasons to like Nafplio.

MeteoraClassic Beach

Do you want to visit unique places in Europe, let alone Greece? Meteora is at the center of northern Greece. The Orthodox churches of the world are found in Meteora. UNESCO, known to give world heritage status, gave Meteora Monasteries dual stature. One status is for nature and another for art; for instance, the hoodoos and bluffs double status.


Delphi is a place once known for drawing people to listen to the Oracle. The religious aspect of this place still lingers on presently. Delphi hovers on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. The ancient Temple of Apollo and the Athena Priene are still in existence. In addition, the Athena Priene included an old stadium and a theatre. Walking around Delphi, the ruins will quickly remind you of the time of the Oracle. Travel to Delphi to enjoy history while it falls under the best places to visit in Greece.


On the list of many travelers is Skiathos. With scenic beaches and awesome nightlife, Skiathos remains people’s admiration. White sandy beaches and clear waters are what meets the eye here. The island boasts of high tourist numbers and still has its beauty intact. As you travel, pass through Skiathos to enjoy amazing hikes through the pine forests and 60 beautiful beaches. In addition, Skiathos town has magnificent restaurants on the streets where you can enjoy the sunset as you eat.

Greece is an incredible country to visit with endless exciting destinations. It takes only one trip to fall in love with this place. You might find yourself traveling to different places in this nation more times than you anticipated. Good thing is that you are now armed with the knowledge of 10 best places to visit in Greece.