8 Advantages of adjustable beds

8 Advantages of adjustable beds

If you think that adjustable beds are just hospital beds, you’re mistaken but there’s a reason hospitals use them. Adjustable beds are also called reclining beds, and they provide a lot of health benefits, but not just that. Besides helping relieve pain and improve comfort, these beds provide many lifestyle benefits that allow you to relax and sleep peacefully. You work hard every day, and your body suffers the consequences, but it’s nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t fix. When you wake up rested you can tackle anything a new day has in store for you. Keep reading to find out about the most important advantages of adjustable beds because getting one might finally get you to sleep like a baby.

1. They can give you a nice massage

I don’t know how informed you are about the modern adjustable beds, but you can find those that include massage functions. Who could say no to a nice massage before dozing off to sleep? One of the biggest advantages of adjustable beds is that you can relax and unwind while you enjoy a foot or a head massage. You can control the intensity with the remote control and simply loosen up after working all day.

2. You can adjust the position

One of the many advantages of adjustable beds is that reading a book and watching TV becomes much more pleasant. The position of these beds can be easily adjusted so that it raises your head up or brings your feet up just enough to reduce backpressure. When your upper body is elevated it is much easier to relax without straining your shoulders or neck. In addition, you can get into a comfortable position without having to bother with pillows. Watch your favorite TV show in an adjustable bed and let your entire body relax.

3. Fight insomnia

Let’s be honest, sleep doesn’t always come easy, even when we’re really tired. Not having to bother with using pillows and finding the right position is one of the advantages of adjustable beds that help you relax and fall asleep quicker. Some adjustable bed modes even let you experience zero gravity, but even the fact that they slightly elevate your head up is enough. They can also elevate your knees up, which helps you rest in a comfortable position. This alleviates strain on the lower back and legs, so you’ll wake up feeling fully rested and ready to take on the world.

8 Advantages of adjustable beds4. They help with snoring

Snoring can be a huge issue that can prevent your partner from sleeping peacefully next to you. One of the advantages of adjustable beds is that they help reduce snoring because the position of your head is slightly elevated. This position allows air to flow freely, and snoring is usually caused by the soft tissues and tongue narrowing the airway. It also helps keep sinuses clear and supports drainage, which also does its part in reducing snoring.

5. They eliminate back pain

A lot of people have problems with back pain, and one of the advantages of adjustable beds is that they help you control the position your body is in, which can eliminate back pain. Distribute the weight more evenly once you find the right posture, and you’ll reduce that pressure on the back that causes back pain. Slightly elevating the feet will lower back strain because it allows the lumbar area to decompress and relax. Use the adjustable bed with a memory foam mattress, and you’ll wake up without that pain in your back.

6. They relieve arthritis pain

A lot of people also suffer from arthritis, and they experience stiffness and painful inflammation of the joints. Advantages of adjustable beds include arthritis pain relief thanks to the customizable support. Adjust your position in this bed, and you’ll relieve pressure and support the painful joints.

7. They help with acid reflux

Another problem many people experience is acid reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Adjustable beds can help you if you’re experiencing acid reflux symptoms because your body and head will be partially elevated. Let gravity do the rest and prevent acid reflux symptoms that have been causing you trouble whenever you want to fall asleep.

8. They improve the circulation

Maybe you often have swollen feet or legs, and this is where the advantages of adjustable beds come in to fix the problem. When you adjust your position so that your legs are a little elevated, it improves your blood circulation and therefore reduces the swelling. If you have high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, or even diabetes, an adjustable bed can do wonders for your health. You’ll finally feel comfy enough to rest easy and wake up rested.