Adjustable Beds Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Adjustable Bed?

A good night’s sleep is vital for staying healthy and active during the day. A comfortable sleep environment requires a high-quality adjustable bed.

The adjustable beds have a with a wide range of amazing features. This type of bed adjusts to different sleeping positions depending on the personal preferences of the users.

The adjustable beds offer users with numerous advantages and disadvantages mentioned as following:

Pros Of An Adjustable Bed

The modern beds can be adjusted into different positions. Other benefits include:


These beds offer an elevated comfort level as compared to normal beds. You can adjust the height of various parts of the bed according to your comfort level.

The bed parts can be aligned up to an angle of 45 degrees. This makes it more comfortable as compared to conventional beds.

Adjustable Beds

Better Sleep Quality

The adjustable beds help you deal with a few health issues that result in improving the quality of your sleep. The adjustment of these beds into various heights also helps in improving your sleeping posture.

Relief From Pain

If you suffer from chronic pains or typical aches that appear with age, an adjustable bed is a perfect solution for you.

Your muscles and joints start hurting sometimes due to gravity. Adjusting the height of your bed to a certain angle can relieve your pain and help you enjoy a sound sleep.

Improved Blood Circulation

These amazing beds offer you an optimal solution for improving your body’s blood circulation. Focusing on the problematic areas has a positive impact on the circulatory system.

You can adjust the position of the bed according to the hurting joint or leg, you can raise it to a certain level. This results in improved blood circulation.

Reduce Snoring

Having a snoring partner can affect the quality of your sleep immensely. The adjustable beds can help you in getting rid of the snoring problems by adjusting the head to a relatively higher level.

It helps you in canceling the effects of gravity and allows free air passage through the mouth and nose. This free movement of air ensures that you get rid of snores allowing you to enjoy your sleep time.

Easy Egress

Old age comes with a lot of health issues and muscular pains making it difficult to get off your bed. This bed can be adjusted to certain heights making it easier to mount or dismount simply by pressing a button.


The amazing set of features offered by an adjustable bed gives a sense of independence to the users. These beds allow people to adjust to different positions and heights in addition to various health benefits.

The electric beds improve the mobility and body strength of the people using them. This boosts the mental health of the users and makes them more confident and independent.

Heat And Vibration Options

Various physical therapies involve heated beds. The adjustable beds are equipped with heating abilities that can soothe your body pains with a single button.

The muscular and joint pains are also relieved by the vibration feature available in the electric beds.

Available In Various Sizes

The current marketplace offers a large variety of sizes of adjustable beds. You can choose any of these according to the size of your room and other personal needs.

Equipped With USB Chargers

The modern electric beds also consist of USB chargers. You can charge your phones or tablets while keeping them within your reach with these impressive beds.

Cons of Adjustable Beds

The modern beds come with a few disadvantages as well:


The adjustable beds are expensive. Their price ranges from $1000 to $2500.

Adjustable Beds are Loud

The adjustable beds are powered by a motor making them louder as compared to normal beds. The expensive ones are relatively quieter whereas the low-priced ones sound like an airplane flying over you.


These beds are very heavy and weigh up to 175 pounds usually. This makes it difficult to move these beds around. The electric beds that are too costly can be relatively lighter.

High Maintenance Costs

The costs of maintaining the quality and working of these electric beds are very high. They comprise several parts such as motors, joints, frames, and numerous other parts.
All these parts are prone to breakage or disfunction and require repairing adding to the costs.

Difficult to Clean

Cleaning adjustable beds is not easy due to their large size and heavyweight. It’s difficult to reach underneath these beds and clean them thoroughly. Fancy cleaning tools are available but they need additional costs.