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Best Apps For Small Businesses

Have you ever considered using apps for your small business? We have gathered apps that can help you run the business better and easier. Being a businessman is sometimes difficult so be sure to take a look at these habits of successful people that can help you achieve more.

Business owners are often stubborn in their ways of running a business. Some rely strictly on paper, which is really unnecessary in the digital age.

Today, you have various solutions that can help you manage your businesses better, lower down the number of errors, and overall be more profitable.

So, various aspects of your business like finances, inventory, communication, or payroll can be improved by using technology. Why not use cutting-edge technology applications and becomeĀ better organized?

These are the best applications for small businesses

Check out our application solutions below and make your business more organized. Here they are:

1. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a software that has a large number of customers worldwide. Many businesses see this software as their first option for accounting.

It offers you a lot of features like making invoices, tracking the unpaid invoices, seeing the profit and loss reports, paying employees, managing expenses, etc. This software offers different solutions for different businesses, according to the different sizes. And then, you can upgrade to a different plan as your business grows.

2. SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is a great inventory app that can support multiple business locations. You can track your items using serial numbers and you can track the history of each item, so you can see how profitable it is. You can also create pick tickets or packing slips from orders. It has an option of tracking stages of work-in-progress. What is great about this app is that it integrates with QuickBooks Online, so you can avoid duplicating items.

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3. Square

This POS app is a big part of the small business world since it made credit card transactions easier. It can be used for payments via mobile devices, so you can use it from any place. That way, you don’t have to be a cash-only business and offer credit card payment.

The great thing is that offers a free plan, which is a good choice if you are starting a new business or you don’t have the need for complicated software. Additionally, you will get a card reader for free. When it comes to fees, there are no monthly fees, only a percentage from each transaction.

4. PayPal

PayPal is one of the best online payment apps out there. It is very easy to use PayPal and there are no monthly fees. For those reasons, many small business owners use this app for online payments. You can make payments on most of the large e-commerce stores. And you don’t need anything more than your e-mail address and a couple of clicks.

5. Dropbox Business

When you own any kind of business, you should be aware of the importance of storing all the files in one place. Dropbox Business allows you to do exactly that. You can synchronize all of your files from various platforms, all in one place. With the mobile app, you can access all of these files on the go. Dropbox supports over 150 different file types you can upload to your account.

A great option is the offline use of certain files. You can mark which files you want to access offline, so that way, you always have access to your files even when you don’t have an internet connection.

You can share links to your files, others can see the files, and leave comments. They don’t even have to have an account. Dropbox Business offers a free basic plan for only one user. Paid plans offer a lot of storage and allow multiple users so it is great for team management.

6. Slack

There is no good business without good communication. If you have multiple teams in your company, you know how hard is it to communicate with the members and different teams. Slack can help you establish good communication so that your business doesn’t suffer because of bad communication.

There is a reason why Slack is so popular among business owners. It is easy to use by creating different channels, sending instant messages, and making group video calls. The communication between teams is easy and no messages get lost. You can also contact people from other companies. And there is a free and a paid version of the app.

We hope these solutions will help you become more successful!