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Best trusted apps to send money online

Have you been forgetting your wallet most of the time when going outside? Or while on a date? Well, that’s embarrassing.

In this generation, people nowadays use less and less of their wallets or coin purse. Oftentimes they use mobile phones to send money online, like making online payments, online shopping, deliveries, and such. I will show you the most trusted apps to send money online.

List of the some of the best apps

OFX Money Transfer

Ofx offers quick, secure, and easy international transfers online 24/7. You can send and track your money transfers wherever you are in the world.


  • Easy registration in just a few minutes
  • Live forex and currency trends
  • Secures your funds so you can sleep better
  • The support team is active 24/7


Is one of the most used apps to send money online. Paypal is Venmo’s parent company. You can link your credit card or bank account to send payments online. If you move your money outside of Venmo, there will be a 1% charge.


  • Instant transfers
  • Send and receive money for free
  • No processing fees for transferring to a debit card
  • A processing fee of 3% for credit cards

google pay

Google Pay

Google has been progressing its essence in online money transfer for quite a while, and Google Pay is the most recent iteration of its application for sending money. Let’s you send cash using a phone number or email address in the space of minutes to your debit card. You can also cash out without waiting for days.


  • Using your fingerprint to unlock the app
  • Instant transfers to your bank account
  • Immediately receive or send your money

Western Union

It is one of the biggest global money transfers online. You can also do forex for more than 130 countries and you will also receive a notification once the money is received. You can simply add your debit or credit card by scanning.


  • Acquire and recover My WU Points to get discounts on transfer fees.
  • Check current rates before sending out
  • Fantastic support team directly from the app

Square cash

Square Cash is a significantly less difficult application for money transfer and can be easily linked to your debit card. This app permits consumers to send, get or demand cash from people securely and instantly.

Features available:

  • Easy sign up in just seconds
  • Send and get cash immediately
  • Request modified Visa debit card from the app
  • Immediately start putting sans commission in stocks


Before Apple wallets, Venmo, and Google, there was PayPal floundering in the popularity of being one of the most seasoned online money transfers accessible on Earth. PayPal is outstanding amongst other online money transfer apps which is a helpful choice for getting and sending money.


  • Simple method of choosing the recipient
  • Easily send cash all throughout the planet.
  • Track and screen each PayPal exchange
  • One of the biggest money transfer administrations.
  • Permits money transfers up to $60,000.


TransferWise has gotten captivating reviews and positive evaluations for being one of the adored money transfer online applications for iOS and Android consumers. You can see every one of your beneficiaries assembled in one place and execute money transfer procedure done just like in the past.


  • Lower money transfer fees compared to banks
  • Send money to almost 50 countries
  • Realtime exchange rate
  • Send, get, and go through cash — safely, advantageously, and for an extremely minimal price.
  • You can create multiple currency accounts for free


This is India’s most loved application and UPI. There are various classes like charging mobile, power, ticket booking, and so forth accessible via the Paytm application.

Go cashless straightforwardly through your ledgers or add cash to your wallet and scan QR codes at close by stores for sabse tez installments by essentially connecting your bank account using UPI.


  • Web-based shopping from Paytm Shopping center
  • And yes, they do have cash backs
  • 24×7 client assistance
  • 0% charge when sending money to bank or wallet


Worldwide accessible for iOS and Android. Payoneer, these days are seen as a typical digital cash wallet on numerous online stores. The convincing attribute of Payoneer is its capacity to permit users to withdraw out from their MasterCard or Visa.


  • Get business-grade transfers from abroad.
  • View your remaining balance in 20 currencies and more than 19 dialects
  • Simple and quick to learn


It feels safer having your gadget with you and of course keeping your password safe and also your life away from danger because all transactions are done online and at your own convenience.